My top 5 indie games on PS4

In terms of gaming I’m one of those people who very rarely has the patience to complete a game; I’ve only got two platinum trophies – that being said, I’ve only had my PS4 for 5 months. Two of the games I’m going to talk about in this list are the two that I got my platinum trophies from.

  1. Top of the list is Life is Strange (Episode 1 is free, £3.99 per episode after that or £13.99 for the season pass)
    Life is Strange follows the story of Max, a college girl who finds herself able to rewind time. I don’t want to give away too much of the story but the choices you make will determine the outcomes of many of the side plots as well as the main plot, in which Max tries to save her childhood friend, Chloe. The storyline is gripping and even when you complete the game, you’ll be left wanting more. In terms of trophies there’s one for completing each episode, one for every photo taken in each episode (you may need to use a walkthrough to make sure you get them all as some can be easy to miss) and there is the platinum trophy. It took me a couple of weeks to get platinum on this game, but only because my Mum got into it whilst I was playing so I only played when she could watch – if it hadn’t been for that I’d have probably got it in a day or two. I definitely give this game 10/10.
  2. Next is Coffin Dodgers (£9.49, though I only paid £1.39 when it was on sale)
    PREVIEW_SCREENSHOT5_482017Coffin Dodgers is essentially Mario Kart but with old people on mobility scooters, and it’s definitely fun for all the family. I got platinum in around 5 hours so it’s definitely an easy game, but that doesn’t make it any less good. There’s a number of different characters to play as and after you complete story mode for the first time you unlock the ability to play as the grim reaper. The pickups/weapons are similar to Mario Kart and most have trophies attached to them for hitting a certain number of other racers with them. Other trophies are obtained by getting all gold medals in each area of story mode and completing it as the grim reaper, there are also some misc trophies such as getting taken out by a UFO and knocking over bikers and skaters. There is local multiplayer, but unfortunately no online mode – which for me is the only thing stopping me rating it higher. 8.5/10
  3. Third on my list is Flower (Free, though I paid £6.49 in December so it’s been made free since then)
    f6cd2f18090e3637648485990469fca939adee6b-610773For me personally, Flower is so stress relieving due to its simplicity and calming scenes and music; it’s perfect to unwind after work. Quite simply, you’re in control of a group of flower petals which you guide around to bloom other flowers and collect more petals. The controls are easy to pick up, tilt to control the direction and R2 to speed up. There is no platinum trophy for this game, and many of the trophies are quite obscure so even if there was a platinum it wouldn’t be easy to complete, for example one of the trophies is earned for playing the game after a week-long break; it’s not a game you can get all trophies from in a day. I do feel that the game doesn’t have an aim as such, but for me it’s always been about stress relief, so I give it 8/10.
  4. Next up it’s Lumo (£14.99, though it’s currently free this month for PS Plus members)
    I’ve only spent around an hour playing this so far because I only downloaded it today, but I’m already hooked. I actually don’t usually like this type of game and get bored after 5 minutes, but something about Lumo is different and leaves me wanting to go back for more. The aim is to solve puzzles to open doors, whilst collecting ducks and other items along the way; some puzzles can be difficult but nothing a little logical thinking can’t solve. I haven’t looked too much at the trophies yet but there is a platinum, though it looks fairly difficult to obtain. Considering how little I’ve played it, for now I give it 7/10.
  5. Finally, Limbo (£7.39)
    PREVIEW_SCREENSHOT6_445641I was actually first introduced to Limbo by an ex boyfriend about 3 years ago, I didn’t really get into it then but since I got my own console I thought I’d download it and give it another go. I still haven’t completed it but I do plan to! It’s fairly easy to pick up, though some of the puzzles can be challenging if you’re not used to this type of game – admittedly I have used a walkthrough more than once when I’ve been stuck. Again, there’s no platinum trophy, and no gold trophies either. Personally I don’t think I can get all the trophies without a walkthrough because many are easy to miss, but with a walkthrough it seems to be a fairly easy game to complete. 7/10

All images from Playstation store.



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