Thoughts on the Pretty Little Liars finale

As anyone who knows me can tell you, I LOVE Pretty Little Liars, and I am so sad that’s it’s over now. But whilst there were still obvious plot holes and more questions raised than answered, the finale still gave us so much. The identity of A.D, Aria and Ezra’s wedding (FINALLY!), Emison twins, Hanna’s pregnancy and of course, Mona at her finest in that last scene! Well, second to last scene, I really wasn’t a fan of the scene with history repeating itself with Addison and her friends.

So let’s go through this from the start… Though there will be parts left out, because I can’t write about everything, and if I. Marlene King can leave (important) things out then so can I!

Emison have twins and damn I was not expecting that! Me and Amber tried to guess at the start of the episode what the baby would be and we both said a boy and that it would be named after Emily’s Dad, but of course we were both wrong because it was twin girls named Lily and Grace. And then of course we later found out that Wren is the Dad! I was totally expecting it to be Slut Daddy Hastings though tbh.

Okay so now the build up to that twin reveal; it was so obvious once you’d read the theories but honestly I didn’t think Marlene would actually go with it! Let’s just skip everything else and talk about how a horse realised Alex wasn’t Spencer but none of the girls did. Oh and Jenna, let’s not forget how she ‘sniffed out’ that it wasn’t really Spencer. I know horses are fairly intelligent and everything so of course the horse was going to realise, but surely at some point Alex would have slipped up and spoken with an English accent or done something else that may have made the girls at the very least be like “Spence that’s not like you”.

The reveal itself was done so well though, it could have easily been messed up but Troian did such a good job of playing both Spencer and Alex, okay the British accent wasn’t the best but that’s the only criticism I’ve had of Troian in the entire 7 seasons.


From this moment onwards I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat (well, bed) watching the rest of the episode. I couldn’t believe that for the past 10 weeks half of what we’d been seeing of Spencer had actually been Alex, and I couldn’t believe that when we thought we were getting Spoby, we were actually getting Toby and Alex (they don’t deserve a ship name).

Alex’s back story mostly made sense, though I do think her relationship with Wren wasn’t quite believable, I know Wren was always a little dodgy given that he kissed Spencer whilst he was with Melissa, but I think deep down if he’d actually liked Spencer then he wouldn’t have gotten into such a serious relationship with Alex, and he definitely wouldn’t have helped her destroy Spencer’s life the way that he did. In a way I’m slightly glad Alex killed him, although I do wish Marlene had given us some sort of explanation as to how he died!

The classic ‘which twin is which’ scene was actually done quite well, and I did, for the most part, manage to keep track of which one was which. I do have to question though how Spencer knew what book Toby was talking about when he asked what her favourite poem was from the book she gave him… She didn’t even know that ‘she’ had given him the book because it was Alex, not her. But I guess it’s a typical I. Marlene King plot hole and we should really expect those at this point.

Now I must move on to what was easily my favourite part of the whole episode: Aria and Ezra’s wedding!

I cried. I actually cried. We’ve watched Aria and Ezra’s relationship develop through 7 seasons, from the problems that came with their relationship initially being illegal (which, for the haters, I don’t condone, but they’re meant to be together, that much is clear), to Aria finding out he was writing a book about her and her friends, and from both of them moving on, to ending up back where they belong; with each other. We’ve seen them grow together and fall in love even more despite the problems that were thrown at them. Even when Aria found out the night before the rehearsal dinner that she couldn’t have kids and they had a huge argument, they still ended up getting married, just with a delay thanks to Alex.

I have to admit, I wasn’t a fan of Aria’s dress the first time round, but that second dress suited her so well; it was much more like Aria’s style, the first one looked like Ezra’s Mum had picked it…

The wedding was everything I ever wanted for Ezria, and I am so glad they got the happy ending they deserved. Even if it did feature a cameo by Marlene where her phone almost ruined the wedding!

Now, that last scene with all 5 liars… The tears. So many tears. I was still emotional from the wedding but this was what really got me; when Ali said “for some reason this feels like it’s the end of something”, that was it, the tears kept coming. I don’t think that scene was all acting, I think you see the girls real emotions coming out there, they’ve spent the last 7 years working together, growing up together, and have no doubt formed a friendship between the 5 of them that will last a lifetime, and that was their last scene together.


I can’t not talk about that last scene with Mona, we always knew she was crafty but this, she is the Queen of being crafty. Those girls owe their lives to Mona.

We still have so many unanswered questions; how did Wren die? Where was Mike at the wedding? Also what happened with him and Mona?? But most importantly…


I. Marlene King and her damn plot holes again.

But thank you Marlene, you gave me and so many others an amazing show to watch and obsess over, and characters that will live on forever.

The game may be over, but we’ll always have Rosewood.


All images from PLL/Freeform.


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