“Normal” is Just a Social Construct

Those of you who follow my blog may have seen a post where I briefly mentioned this (if not, see it here). But now, to coincide with World Mental Health day I wanted to write about it in more detail – a spur of the moment decision whilst preparing an Instagram post last night.

Every one of us is a little messed up in our own way, with or without a mental illness. But we are also all under huge pressure to fit into society’s idea of “normal”, but I’m here to tell you that “normal” doesn’t exist. It’s simply a social construct that not a single one of us is obligated to conform to.


Oxford Dictionary’s definition of ‘normal’.

I googled the definition of normal, expecting to find the top one. What I didn’t expect is that second one. It is completely unfair to label someone with a disability, be it physical or mental, as not “normal”. If we look at it another way, whatever their life is like, is their “normal”, it may be different to your “normal”, but it’s so so unfair to label them just because their life is different to yours.

If you really want to be “normal” then feel free, but those of you that don’t, please don’t feel pressured to be someone you’re not. Every one of us is different, and as I mentioned above, we’re all a little messed up in our own way, but you know what? That’s what makes us all unique. Imagine how boring we would all be if we all met society’s criteria for “normal”. Me for example, I’m a little on the chubby side (UK size 16-18 to be exact), not the best looking, a little weird, have anxiety and I’m definitely not “normal”, but that doesn’t matter. I am me. And before you go judging, take a look at yourself and ask yourself how “normal” you really are. Perhaps you’re closer to the “normal” criteria than me, but I guarantee that the real you doesn’t actually fit that criteria.

Be yourself, and fuck everyone else. In the end, those that deserve to be in your life will appreciate the person you are and never judge you or make you feel pressured to conform to “normality”. As long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters.

To reiterate, “normal” is a social construst and you are not obligated to conform to it. Be yourself.

I hope everyone has had a lovely day. Happy World Mental Health Day!



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