A Break From Reality: Pros and Cons

This weekend I had a weekend away to stay with Amber and her boyfriend, Josh, in London. I had such a lovely time and it was so nice to have a break from reality – meaning a break from the anxiety inducing place I call work. Of course that in itself is a huge pro, but obviously there are cons too, especially when you take my anxiety into consideration.


  • A break from reality of course gives you the opportunity to unwind and relax, which relieves the stress of everyday life regardless of whether you have a mental health condition or not.
  • You get to do things you wouldn’t usually get the chance to do, for example myself and Amber went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and went to the Tower Bridge exhibition.
  • It can be an escape from looking at the same four walls if, like me, you spend a lot of time in your room. This can also definitely help with overthinking!
  • Depending on what your social situation is like, it may give you the opportunity to spend some time with those closest to you that you otherwise wouldn’t get a chance to see.
  • Most importantly, it just gives you a little bit of a change, everyone needs a break every now and then.


  • The moment you realise you have to go back to reality. For me it was the night I got back, the sudden realisation that I had to go to work the next day sent my anxiety into overdrive and I’m now back to being stuck in a rut where I can’t face going to work again, which is such a shame because before I went away I’d managed four whole weeks at work in a row, which for me was a huge achievement!
  • Money. I’m quite lucky because I still live with my parents and my Dad doesn’t ask for too much from me which leaves me with plenty of my wages left over, but for others it may be difficult to find the spare money to get away for even a weekend, although a good tip is if you can, get a coach to where you want to go and book a few weeks in advance – I got a return ticket to London for Β£12, which is about a quarter of the price of the train! It’s also great if you have friends or family to stay with so you don’t have to find money for a hotel.
  • In relation to my previous point, travel may also be an issue. I’m lucky that I can get a coach to London from my nearest city, which is an hour away on the bus, but if I wanted to go somewhere other than London my options are very limited, even the train can only get me to London and the places that are on the train route!

Of course these are just my pros and cons, and yours may be slightly different, but one thing is for certain: A break from reality can definitely do some good, even if it’s just for a weekend, everyone needs an escape sometimes because everyday life can be so overwhelming at times.

I’ll finish off with a few of my photos from the weekend.


The Shard and the Sunset, taken from the East Walkway of Tower Bridge


The view to the East of Tower Bridge, including HMS Belfast, taken from the East Walkway.


Tower Bridge


The Shard


The London Eye




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